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Our proven commitment to transparency and privacy gives consumers freedom and control over their finances.

Payment you trust. Privacy you deserve.

VLoad® is an innovative online-only payment method that uses digital prepaid cards to offer enhanced privacy and security to consumers, while empowering merchants within our proprietary Merchant Network with improved fraud prevention, dispute management, and higher acceptance rates.

VLoad Digital Cards can be purchased by a wide range of payment methods, including credit/debit card, ACH/bank transfers, wire transfers, cryptocurrency, or VLoad Digital Cards Retail Vouchers.

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Payment you trust. Freedom you deserve.

Settle® is a mobile app that provides a swift, simple, and safe way to make prepaid in-store purchases at your favorite legal cannabis dispensary.

Settle Digital Cards can be purchased by direct bank transfer via ACH and wires, cryptocurrency, and the Settle Voucher offered at selected retail distribution partners.

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ID you can bank on

Safekeeper® is a unique digital “know your customer” (KYC) solution that allows consumers to securely manage and share their identities with companies around the world.

Safekeeper is compliant with all applicable U.S. and EU AML and privacy regulations, including GDPR.

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