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Friday, October 1, 2021

Global Primex Introduces Revolutionary Online Alternative Payment Method: VLoad

Global Primex is excited to announce the launch of a new private and secure alternative payment method that allows consumers to pay with traditional debit, credit, ACH, wire, along with cryptocurrency and provides online merchants with market-leading fraud and chargeback protection.

VLoad, launching October 25, 2021 at Money2020 in Las Vegas, provides an alternative payment method for consumers focused on privacy and merchants searching for cost-effective ways to significantly reduce fraud and payment disputes, virtually guarantee payment acceptance, and lower their cost of customer acquisition.

The Global Primex group of companies has for years successfully operated an international e-commerce merchant network that brings together consumers and online businesses in an environment where the risk of fraud on either side of a transaction is significantly diminished. Our proprietary payments platform, fraud mitigation procedures, KYC and KYB processes, customized transaction monitoring system, and years of experience have allowed us to successfully transform traditionally high-risk merchant categories into a low-risk and profitable business with virtually no fraud losses.

VLoad's product features make it an excellent choice for traditional ecommerce merchants looking for safe and effective payment methods. Because of its unique expertise, Global Primex is also targeting online gaming operators, cryptocurrency exchanges, subscription billing services, along with the travel industry in the U.S. – all of which are considered traditional high-risk categories and have been searching for a solution to the excessive chargebacks, abysmal card acceptance rates, and inherent lack of trust between merchant and consumer that plague these verticals.

For online gaming operators, VLoad allows players to deposit funds into their gaming account and to collect their winnings quickly and easily through the VLoad Payout Digital Card. VLoad allows entertainment-based subscription services to create consistent and safe revenue streams without the constant fear of chargebacks. All businesses participating in the VLoad Merchant Network have instant access to their customers' full purchasing power in one place – VLoad digital prepaid cards can be purchased with ACH and wire transfers, debit and credit cards, cryptocurrency, and other alternative payment methods.

VLoad runs exclusively on Global Primex's proprietary alternative payments network and is managed through our custom-built PCI DSS Level 1 certified payments platform. Global Primex LLC is a licensed money services business built on a granite foundation of uncompromising regulatory compliance, consumer privacy, and fraud management.

Global Primex is headquartered in Miami, Florida and a member of the Global Primex international group of FinTech and RegTech companies providing secure and private payment solutions to consumers and merchants, both online and in-store.

Privacy, Digital and Secure are the three things that consumers and merchants will experience as businesses continue to move online and through eCommerce. Join us during Money2020 in Las Vegas at Booth #1418 to learn more about VLoad from the Global Primex Team.

For more information about VLoad, visit (currently in limited beta testing form until the October 25th launch).

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